Design Projects

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  • The Cotton Mill Café

    Concept and identity for a café bar based in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. I based the design around the history and architecture of the Northern Quarter in Manchester and its importance during the Industrial Revolution when it became the world's capital for the textile industry. There is also an obvious reference to the work of L. S. Lowry, our most famous painter, whose work I love. Design of logo, business card, menu and coffee mug.
    The Cotton Mill Café
  • Mary Blair Magazine Layout

    Magazine layout for an article about the Disney concept artist, Mary Blair. I think Mary Blair’s artwork is absolutely stunning and I wanted to introduce this incredible artist to the reader and show some key pieces of her work throughout the development of her career. Although Mary Blair freelanced and worked with other organisations during her career, I decided to focus solely on the work she did at Disney Studios with the images I selected in order to highlight her major achievements in that field and keep the article unified. Design of layout and typography, text / image editing and photography.
    Mary Blair Magazine Layout
  • MoMA Exhibition Flyers

    These four flyers are for an exhibition about the painter, photographer and Bauhaus professor, László Moholy-Nagy. Created as part of my studies, this exercise looks at the relationship between type and image. Using a single font, each flyer uses the same text which is arranged in different ways to create interest and hierarchy. Each layout also forms a relationship with its accompanying image. Design of layout, typography and colour.
    MoMA Exhibition Flyers
  • Logo Design

    A logo can communicate so much about a company and its values. When designing a logo, I begin with the message or personality my client would like to express and the target audience they want to reach. My logo designs begin on paper with sketches, ideas, colours and fonts, the design is usually clear in my head before I move onto the computer to create the finished version. Logo design, typography, illustration.
    Logo Design
  • Learn to Swim Campaign

    The campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of learning to swim focussing on swimming lessons and water safety for children. The target audience is primarily parents, however, the campaign elements are also designed to appeal to children to get them interested and excited about learning to swim. Design of campaign poster aimed towards parents, merchandise and rewards for children learning to swim and business stationary. Logo, illustration, typography, layout, branding.
    Learn to Swim Campaign
  • Graceful Bath & Body Range

    Package and brand design for a contemporary bath and body range using botanics and essential oils. The concept is a Japanese-inspired tropical spa experience with an emphasis on relaxation and beauty. The range includes body wash, body cream and soap for two different fragrances, Balance and Harmony. Design of logo, illustration, packaging, photography and advertisement layout.
    Graceful Bath & Body Range